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What Do I need to Know?

Teams of Three
All entrants must have been at least 14 years of age by 1/1/19

When Do We start?

Registration  10:30 – 11:00 am

How Do We Win?

Top three teams after the six qualifier events  go through to the Hang Tough Final

3 Finalists, hanging on for €1,000! – One Champion!!

What Are Our Events

  •  The Famous Crate Stack – How high can you go?
  •  Jacobs Ladder – Can you get to the top?
  •  The Kayak – How fast can you paddle?
  •  The Obstacle Course – Can you handle it?
  • The Adventure Run – Lap the lake as fast as you can!
  •  Hang Tough – Are you tough enough?

The Fittest - Training Top

Every Participant will receive one of our custom training Tops!



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